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"HSA's have been used as a tool to help efficiently pay for health care costs, however, with the high cost of care we may face in our retirement years, HSA's have become one of the MOST efficient tools helping employees retire on time, and with the resources they need to enjoy their leisure years."
- Greg Gavran

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HSA plans have become a popular tool to help employees pay for qualified healthcare expenses. However, many are not aware of the role their HSA can plan in preparing for a comfortable retirement.

A reason many employees may not retire on time is their need to pay for health care. By some estimates, a couple may spend approximately $225,000 during their retirement years to cover their health care needs, a number, that for many, is daunting. Our professionals can help your employees understand how their HSA account can become an important and powerful part of their retirement benefit. As medical costs continue to inflate the price of retirement, it is more important than ever to use all available strategies to help employees retire on time and with dignity. HSA's offer tax benefits that cannot be matched by traditional retirement savings plans and contributions do not count against overall savings limits to those plans or IRA's. As well, there are additional benefits that HSA's offer that make them an indispensable part of anyone's retirement strategy.