SRP Hits NAPA’s “Top” Lists

In the last month, SRP and its Managing Directors have been recognized on three different “Top” lists by The National Association of Plan Advisors (NAPA).

Kristen Deevy, Managing Director, Rocky Mountains and Lisa Petronio, Managing Director, Upstate New York were named on the 2018 NAPA Top Woman Advisors list in late November. Lisa was honored as Captain this year, her second year on the list. Kristen was honored as an All-Star for the fourth year in a row. The list recognizes the contributions of the top women financial advisors who specialize in serving retirement plans. This is the fourth annual NAPA Top Women Advisors list, produced independently by the National Association of Plan Advisors. NAPA asked the nominees to respond to a series of questions, both quantitative and qualitative, about their experience and practice. Those questionnaires were then reviewed on an anonymous basis by a panel of judges and voted on by the public. The lists were drawn from nearly 500 nominations submitted by NAPA Firm Partners. Roughly 15,000 votes were cast in support of these individuals.

In December, SRP was named to the inaugural list of the NAPA Top DC Multi-Office Firms and 14 of our offices were named to the NAPA Top DC Advisor Teams list. Unlike other lists, the Teams list focuses on individual firms, or what may be referred to as a team, or office. While the Multi-Office list focuses on capturing the DC assets of an entire firm, or a multi-office arrangement.

Jeff Cullen, Managing Partner for SRP, said, “We are excited to have so many of our advisors and offices recognized on these lists by NAPA, and in the case of Kristen and Lisa, recognized year after year. Each of these advisors and offices is dedicated to creating the best possible retirement outcomes for the companies and employees that they work with and for. We are honored that their commitment to clients, participants and the industry has been recognized.”



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